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The PASSION for GREAT beer and spirits starts in the FIELD


At the Maine Malt House we are on a mission to bring the local flavors of our unique growing region to breweries and distilleries. We expertly malt grains that have been grown here in Maine's nutrient rich soil and that have been nurtured by local farmers who understand their needs. We want to share the passion of what we do and the unique taste of our region with breweries and distilleries that can pass the story and flavors to their happy customers.

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Our story starts on a farm in a small town in Northern Maine. In 1958, Jack Buck planted his first crop of potatoes on a 40 acre plot of rented land in Mapleton, Maine (now known as the Home Farm). He was on his way to achieving his dream of becoming a farmer. Eight years later Jack and Maryanne bought the 40 acres, a rundown farmhouse house, and the attached barn for $15,000. Jacks father, Jack Sr. ended his construction career to help Jack on his land. Jack and Maryanne raised four children in their farm house. Their three sons, Bruce, Brent, and Barry followed in their fathers footsteps and joined the farm after completing college. Their daughter, Kim, married a farmer and moved a few towns over. Buck Farms has expanded over the years and we now cultivate over 2400 acres.

Bruce, Brent, and Barry's children have all helped on the farm over the years, mostly during the harvest season. Bruce's oldest son Jared joined the farming operation in 2009. His second oldest son Joshua joined in 2011. In 2014, when Bruce's youngest two sons, Caleb and Jacob were still in college, it was determined that the farm was not big enough to support any more of the next generation. After some research and a local brewery tour, we learned that breweries and distilleries in Maine could not buy local malt barley. We decided to take our passion for farming and nurturing crops and produce exceptional quality local malt; And the Maine Malt House was born.

Planting Potatoes
The Home Farm
The Home Farm
Jack L.A. Buck Jr. and Sons
Harvest Treat
Potato Harvest
Potato Harvest
Potato Harvest
Potato Harvest
Potato Pickers
Jack Sr.
Removing Rocks
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