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Our Products

Maine Base & Munich Malts

Mapleton Pale
2.0-2.2 L
Clean, Sweet, mild malty with a hint of grape nut
1.6-1.8 L
Clean, subtle malty sweetness
Mapleton Gold
2.5-2.8 L
The perfect replacement for Golden Promise
3.6-4.0 L
Mild malty-sweet flavor
Munich l
5.0-6.5 L
Robust malty-sweet flavor

Maine Wheat & Specialty Malts

Red Wheat Malt
2.0-2.2 L
Creamy, sweet, malty, wheat flour
White Wheat Malt
1.8-2.0 L
Sweet, malty, wheat, mild bread dough
Oat Malt
2.1-2.3 L
Creamy, grainy oat flavor
Rye Malt
2.6-2.8 L
Clean, spicy rye bread

Maine Flakes

Red Wheat Flakes
Rye Flakes
Barley Flakes
Oat Flakes
Corn Flakes
Oatmeal or oat flakes on dark wooden table.jpg

Maine Raw Grains

2-Row Barley
Red Wheat
White Wheat
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