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Food Quality Grains Made Easy

At Buck Farms Grains, we specialize in high quality food grains. Our full grain cleaning and conditioning line, storage, and packaging services allow us to provide our customers with the cleanest grains year round. We work with different trucking companies to ensure the most efficient delivery of our products at the lowest cost any time of year. Whether you need it in bulk, super-sacks, or in 50 lb bags, we've got you covered. Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs!

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In 1958 Jack Buck planted his first crops of potatoes and oats on a 40 acre field he rented and later bought(now known as the home farm). Two generations later we manage over 2400 acres; growing exceptional quality grains, oil seeds, and legumes. In 2015 we added a grain cleaning and processing facility which greatly expanded our ability to provide the food and feed industry with the high quality products they need.

Some say potato, some say taters. How do you say potato?

The Maine Potato Board created a campaign called "I say Potato" to spread the word about Maine's high quality potatoes.

Check out these videos featuring some of our own farmers!

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